Turkish Passenger car and Light Commercial Vehicles market March 2013

Posted on Nisan 9, 2013


The Turkish passenger car and light commercial vehicle total market grew by 12,41% in January-March 2013 amounting to 152.604 units. This figure was 135.753 units in 2012. The passenger car and light commercial vehicle market in March 2013 reached 68.774 units. When compared with the passenger car and light commercial vehicle market figures in March 2012 which was 64.884 units in total, the sales increased by 6%. Passenger car sales increased by 17,32% amounting to 114.434 units during January-March 2013 in comparison with same period of previous year. This figure was 97.536 units in 2012. In March 2013, the passenger car sales increased by 9,55% amounting to 51.785 units when compared with the sales of same year of previous year. Light commercial vehicle market decreased at the ratio of 0,12% in first 3 months of 2013 when compared with same period of last year and amounted to 38.170 units. Last year 38.217 units were sold. Light commercial vehicle market decreased by 3,55% in comparison with March 2012 and declined to 16.989 units.

The sales of passenger cars below 1600cc increased by 18,1% in January-March 2013, 1600-2000cc passenger cars increased by 9,7% and the passenger cars above 2000cc saw a decrease of 6,5%. 16 electric cars below 85 kW were sold in Turkish domestic market in the first 3 months of 2013. When we examine the passenger car market according to their average emission values in January-March 2013, the passenger cars within the segment of 120-140 gr/km got the highest share with 39.240 units and 34,3% ratio. The share of diesel passenger car sales was 58,2% and share of the automatic gear passenger car sales was 37,9% in January-March 2013.

In January-March 2013, 85,2% of segment distribution of the passenger car market comprised of vehicles in segments A, B and C with low tax rates. The C segment got the highest number of sales with a share of 49,3% (56.431 units) and Sedan passenger cars were the most preferred according to body types (43,5% share, 49.811 units).

Passenger car and light commercial vehicle market which shrank according to results of 2012 first quarter (-25,39%) and second quarter (-14,6%), increased in third quarter (4,68%). However, in Q4, the market shrank by 5,34% and completed the year with an overall downsize of 10,03%. The market showed an increase of 12,41% in first quarter of 2013.

In first quarter of 2013;

Low interest rates continued to make a positive impact particularly on passenger car market,

Low growth rate continued to make a negative impact on commercial vehicles market,

Recovery of consumer confidence index continued to support expectations from Turkish economy and support consumption trend.

Passenger car and light commercial vehicle market grew by 20,23% in January 2013 and 16,90% in February 2013 and 6% in March, the overall growth in the first three months of the year was 12,41%.

We forecast that the total market for the automotive industry in 2013 will be around 790 – 840 thousand units.


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